Jeff Troutner, InteractFA's Founder

Many advisors using evidence-based investment strategies are challenged to communicate core investing principles effectively without getting into the weeds of the science supporting the approach.

Using these simple but powerful investing graphics, you will be more effective in communicating the power of markets, the benefits of asset class diversification, the importance of patience in meeting long-term objectives, and the destructiveness of market timing.

We believe setting the right expectations at the beginning of the relationship and reinforcing core principles along the way develops strong, lasting relationships.

Jeff Troutner, Founder


We provide risk and return tools for the modern investor and financial advisor.

Our goal is to help significantly increase your investing confidence, resulting in less panic-driven activities and a financial advisory relationship that is focused on what matters most.

Your understanding of the wealth-building power of markets with a more enlightened view of risk will be enhanced by these tools—resulting in less stress and uncertainty along the way.

InteractFA’s tools and technology increase the odds of you  reaching their financial goals by focusing on the long-term and rejecting speculative strategies.

Improve your advisory relationships.
Boost your business.

Educated clients are confident clients — and confident clients are happy clients who make referrals, resulting in sustainable long-term growth and success for your firm.

Use InteractFA's tools and technology to drive home the principles you need to know to be successful long-term.

Market-timing fails investors

Our tools are built on a research-driven investment philosophy that prioritizes financial science over active-management techniques.

Panic does not yield results

No need for fielding frantic calls; our visualization tools act as communication mechanisms for educating your clients on the importance of a long-term approach.

Media impacts investor behavior

With 23 different worldwide indices and more than 90 years of stock market information, our tools leverage real, historical datapoints — not speculation — to deliver insights to advisors and investors.

Reduced turnover and cost matter

Prevent clients from making rash decisions or overtrading in and out of positions by providing them with proactive, compelling investment images and graphics.

Diversification and transparency are important

Our risk and return tools reflect the long-term benefits that come from maintaining a portfolio that is diversified across domestic and international asset classes.


Meet Jeff Troutner, InteractFA's Founder

I graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in business administration and a major in finance. I started my career in 1980 as a stockbroker.

At a major Wall Street firm, I became one of the first and most successful brokers nationwide to specialize in evaluating and recommending independent, fee-based investment advisors to my clients. This was my first step toward taking a more consultative and fiduciary approach to working with investors. A significant part of this effort involved preparing quarterly portfolio performance reports of time-weighted rates of return (the standard today) using the recently introduced Apple Macintosh computer and spreadsheet software. This was virtually unheard of in the brokerage industry then and is still rare today. In 1988, I joined one of my recommended advisory firms in its new San Francisco office.

In 1992, I founded TAM Asset Management to introduce serious investors to the long-term benefits of indexing and asset class investing. TAM was one of the first independent investment advisory firms to reject stock picking and market timing in managing client portfolios. In mid-1993, my monthly publication, TAM Review (now named AssetClass), was launched to inspire investors and advisors to apply more modern methods of achieving long-term investment successes. In 2007, I merged TAM with Dynamic Funds Management to form Equius Partners. And now, with Interact FA, I strive to combine all of the disciplines and practices cultivated through my other ventures to help investors make wiser choices and for advisors to better serve and educate their clients.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Kathy, and live in Incline Village, NV and McCall, ID. I have four children and eleven grandchildren. I enjoy mountain biking, sea kayaking, snowboarding, backpacking, and scuba diving.


Help your clients make better investment decisions.